H. Momo Zhou Fine Art

Oil Painting

I think of my style and my work as a combination of realism and impressionism. I paint from life whenever possible and work diligently to capture its nuances. I am currently focusing on capturing figures and figures within expressive landscape settings.

Art Commission

Work is priced on size and can be created from high resolution digital photos or photo negatives. Half of the price will be charged up front the rest on delivery.
Photography services are available upon request and are free with any commission deposit

Portrait or Figurative

Paintings consist of Individuals or Families, generally done in a studio setting or from photographs. Photos need to be high enough quality so that the subjects are lit well. Fee is based on the number of subjects and complexity of the setting

Pets Landscapes or Others

Are any paintings that have a general subject of landscape, a place or setting. Pets can be of any creature that you wish and are priced according to complexity


Figure Workshops

Our Non-Instructed Figure Workshop features professional models, professional lighting and dynamic setups

3 weeks per model
9 weeks per group with 2 weeks off in between
10 seats available.

Every Tuesday 11am to 2pm
$25 per day

Call for more details!

Custom Framing

Custom and premade frames for fine art available, all wood, extremely detailed frames

Barroque inspired designs

Burgoyne Frames

About me

Mo actually sounds like the last character of my first name in my mother language. It means dream/dreaming. Always with my head in the clouds, I did my best to live up to my name.

No matter what I did or tried, I couldn't change or deny that I am a dreamer and believe in it, and thanks to my "trademark" I am living my dream. A dream of being an artist.

Sensitive, emotional, sentimental and whimsical may be some of my personality, But I rely on these feelings to inspire my art work. I like things that touch me quietly and simply. Little things, things we see everyday... falling leaves, waving trees, unnamed wild flowers, fog rolling over the hilltops, a small stream passing a grassy field, crows perched on top of a ruined wall under a gray sky... They speak to me in the most pure sound of beauty. I don't really need a cry-my-eyes-out or laugh-my-ass-off kind of moment to feel emotionally inspired. I seek a feeling that might woosh past in a second. But that second of emotion combines a complex faint taste of sweetness, bitterness, happiness, and sadness. That is the precious moment that I want to capture and share. It is a kind of natural beauty that I thirst for. Not glorious or fancy, just something simple, something pure.

I think of my style and my work as a combination of romanticism, realism and impressionism. I paint from life whenever possible and work diligently to capture its nuances. I am currently focusing on capturing figures and figures within expressive landscape settings.

Recent Awards

  • 2016 Award of Excellence - Oil Painters of America Salon Show at the Castle Gallery
  • 2016 Showing at the San Francisco Women in the Arts - Artist Choice awards
  • 2015 Finalist - Figure - International Artist Magazine Yearly Competition
  • 2013 4th place - Self Portrait - Portrait Society of America
  • 2013 Honorable Mention - Figure - Portrait Society of America
  • 2013 1st place - Figure - San Mateo County Art Competition
  • 2012 Artist of the year - Burlingame Artist Society
  • 2012 Finalist - Figure - Boldbrush Competition
  • 2012 1st Place - Figure - Burligame Art Society
  • 2012 Popular Choice - Figure - Burligame Art Society
  • 2012 Honorable Mention - Burlingame Art Society
  • 2011 1st place - Figure - Los Gatos Art Association


Photography services available:
Individual portraits, Acting headshots, Model portfolio
Family group photos, pets
Product and listings

Digital photography of your paintings, sculptures or fashion

High Dynamic Range photos for maximum image control

RAW and JPEG images with post-processing


Full set of hot lights
Fresnel and Open face broad
Soft Box, Kino, Silks
Reflectors and more!

Call for consultation!

$60 per hour flat rate
Hair and Makeup extra

Time Lapse

Record your process in our studio for a unique presentation piece that shows off your technique and aesthetic

for a three hour session with post


Contact me

1017 California Drive
Burlingame, CA 94010

Phone: (650) 513-1758


Beginner Classes

Drawing or Painting

Start with the basics, understanding composition, shape, and form Learn classic art techniques and how to apply them.

Learn to measure, draw, and render in pencil, charcoal, pastel and paint

Still Life, Landscape, Animal, Figure

Class Policies

All classes are group classes

Classes are taught in ten week intervals

Two or Three hours per week

Students will need to bring their own materials

As consistant attendance is required for building upon previously learned skills, all students can miss a total of three classes in any ten week session

Classes can only be rescheduled with 24 hours notice

$20 per hour

Drop-in classes are $25 per hour

Advanced Classes

Drawing or Painting

Explore complex subjects, settings and methods. Create dynamic and unique works. Develop your own style and process, create a signature to your work and learn to express it.

Learn landscape and figure painting techniques

Still Life, Landscape, Animal, Figure

Figure Classes

Figure painting classes with live models. Class is for students that have at least a basic grasp of oil painting techniques.

Four week session

Three hours per class

This class will only be scheduled with enough sign-ups (Between 5 and 10)

Call or write for more information


Models included

Four Days with Zhaoming Wu

In this 4-day workshop, Zhaoming will teach a traditional “painterly” technique of oil painting. It will be applied to figure painting in an “alla prima” approach. Emphasis will be placed on composition, color and understanding light on form. It will include the process of producing appropriate values and edges to create mood and atmosphere. Students will be led into figure painting practice by observing Zhaoming’s demonstrations along with individual instruction, and critiques.

Zhaoming’s understanding of classical techniques and superb draftsmanship has enabled him to paint in a loose manner, developing his own concept and personal style.
His workshop is special and limited to a very few throughout the year.

August 15th through 18th 2016
At the H. Momo Zhou Fine Art Studio
1017 California Drive
Burlingame, CA 94010
Material Requirements
Terms and Conditions


Zhaoming Wu

Born in Guangzhou, China, Zhaoming Wu grew up during the Cultural Revolution.

He began to study Chinese brush painting at the age of 8.

Visit Zhaoming Wu's Website

Following high school, he became a graphic artist at an advertising agency. He credits this experience in helping him to develop substantial painting skills as well as the art of story telling. Later, he graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art where he earned a BFA in painting and was as an assistant professor there for seven years.

After moving to San Francisco, California, he received his MFA in painting from the Academy of Art University where he is currently an instructor. Active for many years as both an artist and a teacher, Zhaoming has works exhibited in museums and private collections around the world.

Event Materials

Bristle Brush
#0 #1 #3 #5 #8 #10 #12

Bristle Brush Or House Paint Brush 1.5” (two)

Fan Brush
#3 #4


Titanium White
Yellow Ochre
Cadmium Yellow
Cadmium Orange
Cadmium Red
Alizarin Crimson
Ultramarine Blue
Sap Green or Veridian
Terra Rosa or Venetian Red
Burnt Umber or Vandyke Brown
Burnt sienna
Cobalt blue


Gamsol, odorless paint thinner

Linseed Oil

Winsor & Newton Liquin 250ml

Painters Rags or Roll of hand towels

Canvas (stretched or panels or gessoed masonite panels:
(approximate sizes (3)12x16, (3)14x18, or 16x20)

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The Zhaoming Wu workshop runs 10am to 5pm Monday August 15th through Thursday August 18th. One hour break in the middle for lunch. And will be at

The H. Momo Zhou Fine Art Studio
1017 California Drive
Burlingame, CA 94010

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You may cancel your reservation for a full refund up to July 15th 2016. Please call us at (650) 513-1758 to do so!

The H. Momo Zhou Fine Art Studio reserves the right to cancel the workshop up to one month before the event, if so a prompt refund will be provided. Any travel arrangements should be made with this in mind, as we can accept no responsibility for unrecoverable travel expenses.

Terms and Conditions

Easels will be provided
Bring only the oderless paint thinner recommended
Models will be provided throughout the workshop
Bring only the materials that are needed
No phone calls or texts inside the event
The H. Momo Zhou Fine Art Studio will not be responsible for lost or stolen items, and all personal items should be taken with you each night

Four Days with Zhaoming Wu

The timeless classical style of Master Artist Zhaoming Wu will be demonstrated and taught over a four day interactive workshop.

We're sorry, this event is booked to capacity, if you'd like to be added to our waitlist, please send a message through our contact page